Professional Athletes & Coaches

We’ve got your back

To reach the top of your game takes a level of commitment few will ever achieve. However, this success comes with pressing demands on your time and resources that may leave little space for money management. ACCESS Wealth Management specializes in providing you with the hands-on education, advice and oversight you need to create a secure financial future for yourself and your family.

As your fiduciary, we are legally bound to serve your best interests. As advisors who get to know you well, we take genuine pleasure in helping you achieve your lifestyle and legacy goals. We don’t overload you with financial jargon—instead, we provide coherent explanations and complete transparency. You’ll always have as much involvement in decision making as you choose to have.

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Building financial strength

Getting where you want to go financially takes practice and discipline—just like sport. Fortunately, we have a game plan. Together, we analyze your cash flow to determine your spending needs. We review your assets to assemble your complete financial picture. We also discuss your short- and long-term lifestyle and legacy goals. Then we develop a budget and a customized, trackable investment plan. You always know exactly where your money is and how it’s growing to support your financial stability and your future dreams.

Prudent life decisions

Managing money is especially tough when your earning capacity comes with huge fluctuations built-in. We understand your challenges and assist you in making wise decisions about how and when to spend, invest, borrow, preserve or give. We also help you evaluate investment proposals that come your way—so you can blame us when you have to say no to a friend.

Protecting yourself

As a professional athlete, coach or athletic director, it’s essential to shield your assets and earnings from the risks of injury, illness or litigation. We help you select appropriate insurance types and coverage levels to adequately protect your financial security. If needed, we also employ other strategies for helping you safeguard your wealth.

ACCESS Wealth Management’s specialized services for the professional sports world include:

  • Detailed financial planning
  • Financial coaching and budgeting
  • Bookkeeping and bill payment
  • Trust services, including tax-efficient Delaware Trusts
  • Lending assistance and liability management
  • Tax planning and management
  • Charitable endeavors
  • Comprehensive portfolio management
  • Asset allocation
  • Real estate advisory services
  • Insurance coverage assessment
  • Lifetime income security planning
  • Wealth transfer and legacy wishes

We have a proven expertise in assisting professional athletes and coaches with their uncommon financial situations. As a supportive advisor—always watching out for your success—we anticipate your needs and make sure we’re there to meet them.