Entertainment Professionals

Life in the limelight is exciting and dynamic. Yet it also includes extreme variations in earning power from year to year, along with high profile spending demands. ACCESS Wealth Management will help you develop a strong financial program so you can enjoy life now while feeling assured that the future is secure.

Focused on you

As an entertainment professional, your career requires you to be flexible. Your schedule can include extensive travel and lengthy demands on your time. There may be few hours left over to think about your financial life. That’s why you hire us. We concentrate on preserving and growing your wealth for tomorrow while funding your lifestyle today.

Financial safety first

Nobody likes thinking about worst-case scenarios, but being prepared for them lessens the worry. When your career is “high risk,” your investment strategy has to work even harder to protect you. We’ll make sure you have adequate contingency funding and conservative investments for long-term growth to help pave the way to lifelong income security.

Duty, stability, and simplicity

As your fiduciary, we are legally bound to serve your best interests. As advisors who get to know you well, we take genuine pleasure in helping you achieve your lifestyle and legacy goals.

We don’t overload you with financial jargon—instead, we provide coherent explanations and complete transparency. You’ll always have as much involvement in decision making as you choose to have.

ACCESS Wealth Management helps you streamline your financial life by providing full scale financial planning and assistance with:

  • Lifestyle management: detailed financial planning, budgets, cash flow, bookkeeping, bill paying, large purchase and lending assistance
  • Wealth and asset protection: insurance coverage, liability management
  • Investment and wealth management: asset allocation, portfolio optimization and monitoring, retirement planning, real estate advisory services
  • Legacy wishes and wealth transfer: philanthropy, trust services, tax-efficient asset protection through Delaware Trusts
  • Comprehensive tax: planning, compliance and preparation

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We provide you with objective, accountable and experienced guidance. We’re with you every step of the way to lifelong income security for you and your family.