Asset Protection

Protection from the unexpected plays a crucial role in your comprehensive financial plan. Even the most cautious individual can experience setbacks. At ACCESS Wealth Management, we take steps to effectively protect your assets.

First and foremost, this means shielding your investments from market forces. By building a prudent game plan and sticking to it, we can help navigate a path to long-term financial success. Market fluctuations don’t alter this game plan. We are prepared to handle market volatility—and even use it to your advantage. Whether indexes have an up or down day doesn’t change the big picture, which is staying on target to achieve your goals.

Controlling risk to better meet your expectations

Despite all of our technological advances, the world continues to invest the vast majority of its wealth using a combination of gut instincts, hunches, and emotionally driven decisions. When markets pull back, these same instincts cause investors to pull the plug—locking in their losses. They wait until the market “feels safe” again before reinvesting at the top. Then the cycle repeats.

At ACCESS, we don’t sit back and wonder if your risk preference will allow you to achieve your goals—we calculate the actual probability and build you a road map to success. Using a sophisticated risk alignment tool, we stress test your portfolio for a variety of stock and bond market scenarios. With one click, we can model exactly how an interest rate jump or financial crisis would impact your earnings. This means your portfolio return expectations are based on risk instead of “average” return—providing you with better information and greater peace of mind.

In addition, we use our innovative Income Staging and Absolute Return strategies to help buffer your assets against market fluctuations. Income Staging seeks to maximize the rate at which your investments compound. Absolute Return strategies work to optimize investment diversification and may range across newer or alternative asset classes—including real estate and global opportunities. Through diligent management and leading-edge portfolio-building tools, we work to hold your gains steady and secure—for a lifetime.