What We Offer

Goal-Based Solutions

Being in a position to realize your goals is the only true measure of successful investing.

Wealth management touches all aspects of your life—from planning for a child’s education to buying property, retiring and transferring your wealth. As goal-based investment advisors, ACCESS Wealth Management measures portfolio performance based on its success at meeting your objectives—in contrast to conventional investing methodologies, which measure success as a return against a particular benchmark. Our planning and investment strategy flows from a focus on maximizing the likelihood of achieving the future you want, and we develop a holistic financial plan to support the personal and lifestyle goals you identify as needs, wants and wishes.

Proven Strategies

What you keep matters more than what you make.

Achieving your goals while prudently managing your risk is our focus—and we have proven methods for doing exactly that. Our disciplined planning process includes reviewing your current investments and assessing your risk tolerance with a risk alignment tool built on the academic framework that won a Nobel Prize for Economics. This powerful portfolio analytics engine is widely recognized as the world’s premier risk alignment platform. By calculating the Risk Number of your portfolio, we can successfully match it with your risk preference to develop recommendations for a diversified, globally balanced portfolio. We use our proprietary Income Staging strategy to help maximize the rate at which your investments compound, rather than the rate they average. This helps to buffer market volatility and hold returns steady over the long term. And instead of trying to beat a benchmark, we work to deliver consistent, competitive gains that provide a higher degree of certainty about accomplishing your life goals. To us, this is a much more valuable approach than trying to “beat” a benchmark.

Independent Vision

Forget cookie cutter solutions. You deserve better.

As an autonomous firm, we’re not in the business of selling you anything. Unbiased, high quality information is our specialty. Free from bureaucracy or divided loyalties, we stay focused on what will serve you best. We view your portfolio as your vehicle for advancement. Managed carefully and creatively, it will carry you all the way through the accomplishments you envision for yourself, your family, and your impact on the world. Our passion is seeing you succeed. And our independence leaves us unafraid to recommend options that are unconventional, but true to where your personal values and vision are taking you.

Communication and Connectivity

We make sure all lines are clear.

We’ve earned our reputation for trustworthiness and integrity by keeping clients involved in the process with straightforward communication about our recommendations, decisions and fees. We’re known for our simplified explanations of complex investment structures—because you can’t own what you don’t understand. Staying fully engaged with you is vital to the way we work. We provide a variety of secure, globally accessible communication choices so that wherever your life takes you, you’re only a click away from a timely response when you need one.

Concierge Style Service

Our answer is yes.

We’re experts. Not just about wealth management, but about you. Understanding who you are, and what you need, is at the heart of every ACCESS Wealth Management relationship. Our team is united by a dedicated, personalized focus on you. Why is that so important? Because support based on active understanding gives rise to effective solutions. So whatever you require, we’re going to find a way to help make it happen for you.